Sunday, December 6, 2009

Belly Pictures

Hey there everyone...long time no this is what has been going on in my corner of the world...Belly Pictures and more Belly Pictures!

So a few weeks ago Mom decided that I was acting awfully sleepy at work...well who woudn't?
Work is exhausting...I have to greet volunteers and accept treats and love and go for walks...I mean you would be sleepy too...

But Mom thought it was time for a visit to the V-E-T...I do not like to visit the I keep one eye on the door at all times...

I also try to keep large objects between me and whoever else is in the room...and keep smiling so they will not cut my toenails. Well I was lucky this time no toenail cutting! They just took some of my blood - but apparently they did not like my blood, cuz they made me come back for an "inside" Belly Picture!

Mom sometimes takes pictures of my belly - she thinks it is very pretty. This is my beautiful belly before the V-E-T took the "inside" Belly Picture...

And this is my belly after they took the "inside" Belly Picture!...I tried to tell them the pretty furs on the belly makes a nicer picture but they did not listen to me...

And then Mom would not stop taking pictures of my I am at work trying to get some napping done and there she is talking about my cute shaved belly and telling people to touch it...

I had to finally put a stop to these indignities by keeping my belly covered up! So the V-E-T said the picture of my belly showed a lump in my gallbladder whatever that is and he thought by taking medicines the lump would go away...since my medicines come with kitten food I thought that was okay...but then I found out that the only foodies I would be getting would be special food for a good livers and no people foodies! What?!!!

This is me hoping for just a bit of the popcorn Mom was eating...just a little bit couldn't hurt and we wouldn't have to tell the V-E-T right? Oh, yeah that's Gilead...he is the trouble maker of the family can you tell?

Mom please don't let Gilead have the popcoprn that was meant for me...please???

So tomorrow we have to go back the the V-E-T, it has been three weeks and they are going to take another "inside" Belly Picture and hopefully that lumpy will have gone away...then maybe I can have some popcorn??? Please? Wish me luck! Love, Sadie Mae

**From Sadie's Mom - second ultra sound tomorrow fingers crossed the mass in her gallbladder has dissolved or at least gotten smaller - if not we may have to have surgery...anyone been thru gallbladder surgery before? Postive thoughts and prayers would be much appreciated. Thanks! Susan


  1. Aww, Sadie Mae! Your belly is so cute, with or without the furs. It was nice of you to let people pet it, even if just for a little while. I am sending pawsitive vibes and prayers that your gall-bladder lump is much smaller or has disappeared. Nobody likes da lumps! Kisses to you, Sadie Mae.

  2. We agree your belly is cuter with the furs. Hope that lump makes like butter and melts.

  3. hi sadie mae, this is the houston pittie pack
    we sure do hope you feel better. we'll keep our paws crossed for you
    the houston pittie pack

  4. do you have an update on sadie mae?

  5. Oh! Sadie mae! Your belly is adorable both with furs and withiout! We hope your lump is gone! tell your mom we need an update!!