Monday, January 11, 2010

I Have a Handle and Cats Taking Liberties

Hey everybody Happy New Year. Humpff. Not such a great new year here so far... but there were a few highlights... so the cats got a new bed...and they like it and that's a good thing...the more snuggling they do with each other the better for me...Gilly and Coche are BFFs...
I got to go home to Cincinnati with my Mom and we had excellent accomodations in our basement suite...I even got my own TV...I watched a lot of Law and Order marathons ...

The weather wasn't too bad...just chilly enough to need my Christmas scarf...

Lots of sunlight for good picture taking....

And some good times were had walking and sniffing...

And I even did some running...

But all good things come to an end and we came home to Chicago and it was cold...very cold...and that's when things started to go down hill...first Lucy took advantage of my personal warmth and space...I hate that...

And then my tail decided to droop and I kinda tripped once or twice getting into the car and it hurt...and then Mom took me to the Emergency V-E-T, because she says I only have accidents on Sundays whatever that means...and I was on pain meds again...and I refused to eat anything but chicken and rice...
But it gets worse...Mom found me a Handle and is making me wear it all the time...

And even though red is one of my colors...I do not like having a Handle...

I try to run away when Mom gets it out but she does not let me...she says she needs it to help me get in and out of the car and up our steep steps at I am wearing this stupid Handle and guess what happens again....

Sometimes life is just not fair...
I think Buster Brown is laughing in this fact I am sure he is...I get no respect...Oh and I almost forgot...we've had a "foster" kitty in the house for a few months now...Farrah Lee - she was turned in to Animal Control for being Feral-y and they thought she belonged at my Mom's work but turns out it was a mistake and so for a few months she was hissy and spitty...and now look at her...kind of looks like she is making herself at home doesn't it? She had better not try to cuddle is all I have to say...This year is just getting better and better...

Things have to turn around soon right?


  1. well hewo sadie mae
    that was quite and adventurous post we are vewy sowy to hear about your tail.we are sending you our pittie feel better vibes and hope you feel better soon.
    wiggles and slobbers
    the houston pittie pack
    pee.s bella wants to say that she just "like totally adores your stylish scarf"

  2. be careful of those cats getting too close... they could be plotting

    hope you feel better son and loose the handle

  3. hello sadie mae its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow cuddling with cats??? now that is wun weerd thing that has never happend and wil never happen heer!!! my sister trouble the kitty hisses and spits if she eeven luks at me!!! ok bye

  4. Sadie Mae, cuddling with cats is ok sometimes. Is your handle temporary? I sure hope you leggies are feeling better soon so you can go up and down stairs by your self!

  5. hey Sadie Mae, TQ for visiting and following moi....your gang has so many blogs that i don't know which to follow

    we will have lots of fun together as i will be following you now

  6. oooh Sadie Mae, mumster made a biiiiig boo boo but it's ok

    nice to meet you and do drop by soon

  7. Hey Sadie Mae. How are you feeling these days? We thought we would drop by and check up on you!

  8. hello sadie mae~!

    thank you for stopping by my blog. very sorry for the late thanks. mum's been lazy....BAD MUM~!!
    i hope you'll drop by soon again~!!