Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sadie Does Hydro Therapy

Hello everyone - my name is Sadie Mae and it is about time my Mom spent some time telling people about MY adventures - she spends entirely too much time with other critters...imho...

So for our first adventure we went to Integrative Pet Care where we are enrolled in a 7 week Senior Health and Wellness class...part of the class was hydro therapy - now I love water but I was a bit unsure about this whole idea as you can see...the above pic is me waiting my turn...

This is Blue the Husky who is my classmate and friend because he does not try to be my friend at all...

This is an even bigger Husky-like dog named Simon - again he is my friend cuz he leaves me alone and he does not cause me to want to bitey his face off...

We're going to do what in this tank? Good thing yellow is one of my colors...

Hey there is a leak or something here - there is water rushing into this tank!? Hello!?

Did I mention there is bikini swimwear involved? How embarrassing! Good thing blue is another one of my colors....

OK so we are in this tank, water up to our shoulders and then the floor starts moving - what the heck!!! Oh, what is that you say...there are treats involved?...lots of treats?

Ok...yeah...I think I could get used to this...hey this is kind of fun......afterwards a quick shower - NO BLOW DRYER - thank you - a quick towel off and then the cool down...

Simon the very large Husky/Antarctica-like dog takes full advantage of the icy packs...

Me? I prefer the cold wash rags.....ah the pampering....

Thanks for stopping by....hope to see you again soon for more adventures with Sadie Mae!


  1. What a great entery and pictures!

  2. Thanks Yvette! Sadie says thanks for stopping by!!

  3. Yea Sadie. She looked very slim and trim in her bathing-suite.

  4. Yay! Awesome photo series! I felt like I was there right along with you and Sadie. Looks like you both had a most excellent adventure!

  5. Thanks Margaret - Sadie is very excited about sharing her adventures! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. That looks like a very fun spa day.


  7. Hey there! Pumpkin sent us over to check you out. We have one of those hydro therapy places near us. My brother, Pee-Wee went to a different kind of place that had an actual therapy swimming pool and a seal lady that swam with him (no swim trunks required).

    Momma says that it would be good for my big old joints, but I am no way getting into the pool and I wouldn't fit in that thing you used.


  8. Thanks Heather and Pumpkin! Ah Mango - I am sure someone somewhere has a tank big enough? They also said if your person would take you swimming in a lake or something and kept you in the water - no running out on the shore - that's bad for the joints - that would be just as good - doggy treading water?

    Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Hey that looks prtty scary, someone mentioned that to my mom once I am healed up. Hmmmm. Oh and love your blog, will give you some link love !

  10. Thanks Daisy Dog! Good healing thoughts still headed your way - and the hydro is pretty fun when you get the hang of it!

    Love Sadie Mae

  11. I was looking into hydro therapy for dogs for a client and saw this. I see that it's quite helpful.

    I'm glad it's working for Sadie Mae! I'm assuming it works on Pit Bulls and all breeds of dogs.

  12. Hello from your classmate Simon! He misses all his school buddies already... Great blog so far. Look forward to checking back in for updates.

  13. Hello Our Pack - hydro therapy is for all dogs and probably even better for terriers like Pitties to help them work off all that energy!

    Hello Nicole aka Simon's Mom - thanks for stopping by - I have great pics of Simon on his exercise ball - I will post soon. And I will make sure I let people know he is a Malamute!

  14. Hydrotherapy is such an awesome treatment. :) It looks like Blue had a pretty exhausting workout haha!

  15. hello sadie its dennis the vizsla dog hay cool hy ... hydro ... water therapy!!! my frend duz water therapy too for endooranse and mama has me skedjoold for sum swimming lessons at the saym playse we wil see how it wurks owt!!! ok bye