Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Peony Reason for the Delay

This is a foster kitty named Peony - she came into our lives last Tuesday and has since had emergency surgery on her already amputated tail and needs lots of medicines and butt baths...she is taking up a lot of our time...good thing she is so cute...more about her later.
And now back to our final Senior Doggie class at Integrative Pet Care - it was time for the exercise balls...first up was our big friend Simon (who I have learned is a Malamute not a "big husky Antarctica dog") he did real good on the big ball - I think he will do anything for his Mom.

I think he is laughing in this picture...

Next up was our good friend the Husky dog Blue - doesn't he look handsome on that ball? - he will do anything for treats - just like me!

Then it was my turn - at first I was a littel afraid but it wasn't so bad once we got going and of course there were lots of treats involved... we started out with a small pretty yellow ball...

And then we graduated to a bigger red ball...
I was a little unsure about this one at first...
This is Mom's favorite picture I am not sure why...

I am going to miss seeing all of my friends every Wednesday. We had a good time once I figured out no one there was going to trim my nails...
This is Tyson he missed a few classes cuz he was not feeling well - it was good to see him on the last day.
One more Blue dog picture.
And one more of Simon doing his favorite thing...relaxin'
And finally a class picture. Look I am even smiling!

Thanks everyone for a really fun seven weeks -
my Mom and I learned a lot and had some fun too!
Be sure to stop by again - I am sure there will be more pictures of that little thing named Peony...there always are... so stay tuned...Mom says she will try not to take so long next time. See ya!
Sadie Mae


  1. We think that your class looks like a lot of fun. In fact, our momma recognized some of your moves from her therapy classes to help her back.

    We have kitties in our house and think that the little one you are helping is purr-ecious!

  2. I am really impressed, Sadie! What a wonderful class for you. And I have to admit that I like the same pic that your mom does. It made me giggle. ;)

    Oh Peony in her tiny e-collar!! The cuteness is unbearable. I know she takes up so much time and energy. Bless your mom for watching over her.

  3. I have never seen the balls used as therepy for dogs , very interesting!!

    And every one looks so happy!!!

  4. I think I could do that ball exercise on a basketball!

    Watch out for kitties, the one in my house demanded his own special blog day.