Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We Interrupt this Blog for: WALLACE!!!

Hey everybody! This blog entry was suppossed to be about me and what I did on my birthday...
note the birthday scarf...
I was gonna tell you about all of the delicious birthday treats I enjoyed last week....but instead Mom is gonna tell you about an adventure she had without me...with some celebrity dog named Wallace the Pit Bull...humpf....see you next week I guess...

This Is Wallace the Pit Bull and his Dad Roo Yori...together they make up an awesome fly disc team with many trophies and titles....on Sunday they were in Naperville for the Ashley Whippet International Fly Disc World Championship and I got to be a groupie!

A few things you should know...Wallace is a Pit Bull who once was homeless, slated to be euthanised and then found, fostered and later adopted by his Dad who then figured out that Wallace has a thing about frisbees!
And Wallace LOVES his Dad - and is usually looking at him adoringly...

Wallace likes the simple things in life...a good grass rub...

Laughing, meeting and giving kisses to new people....he is a very good ambassador for his breed and very comfortable with the life of a celebrity...

Did I mention he LOVES hanging with his Dad?

On competition days Wallace hangs out in his own trailer - complete with his own fans attached ...and his own "Pit Crew"...that's actually his Grandad checking to see if he has everything he needs...

Wallace is a big help. Here is is helping his Dad organize all the discs they will use for the freestyle competition...

Wallace's favorite time is SHOWTIME! Here he is with his Dad getting the crowd revved up.

Once the game starts he is totally focused on his Dad...I have seen the videos but in person it was awesome the way they work together...it is very much like a dance they do choreographed to music...with amazing athletic feats....

Afterwards there is refreshment and lots of praise for a job well done!

Wallace feeling pretty proud of himself!!

A private talk between teammates...Roo admitted to Wallace that a few of those throws could have been better but Wallace forgave him right on the spot...he understands there is a lot of pressure out there.
Aww the life of a disc dog...nothing like it!

Wallace had a good feeling about the day while they waited for the scores to be tallied.

Finally the announcement... Wallace won Second Place!

Awesome trophy to add to Wallace's collection.
For those of you not familiar with Wallace the Pit Bull please go to his website http://www.pitbullunited.com/wallacethepitbull/and watch his videos - "You Can't Bring Me Down" is my favorite. Then go to his blog Pit Bull United:
a former Vick dog now a certified therapy dog.
Thanks Wallace for an awesome day!

Oh, and for those of you who need a Peony fix here is what she has been up to at my house - thank goodness Gilly doesn't mind babysitting...
just a few more days and she will be at the Adoption Center.
Unitl next time! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wallace!! That was just too cool!
    Did the "Pit Crew" have Pit Crew t-shirts?

    Thank you Gilly for babysitting!!

  2. Hey Yvette,

    Yes - if you look real close his shirt does say Pit Crew!! I want one! Not sure who is babysitting whom actually...

  3. Wow! thanks for sharing that cool story with me! Wallace the pit bull is very cool! I think taht frisbee would be fun, but I love my kongs more :) We want a Pit Crew shirt too!!

  4. WOWZA! That is such a cool story. But, we must not forget ♥HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU♥ You look very cool in your scarf.

  5. Daisydog - I think you can get a Pit Crew t-shirt on their website!!

    Thanks Scout n' Freyja - more about my b-day soon!

  6. Happy Halloween, Guess who won the contest?

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