Monday, August 31, 2009


Hiya everybody - so the other night as a pre-birthday surprise (my 12th birthday is on Sept 1) Mom and our friend Yvette decided to take me for a little ride - well I was ready - I love rides!
Wow! I've heard of this place called Scoops but I have never been the lucky dog who got to go there I see... could it be...oh my...its ISCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nom Nom Nom Nom

ISCEAM is my favorite thing in the whole world - I will take my time and savor every lick....look how beautiful it is..........


Ok I got a little crazy there - ok - ok - I will take a little break to stop the brain freeze - whatever that is...I will take my time...I will....

Nom Nom Nom Nom...

Must have the cone NOW - gimme the cone!!!!!!!!

Well I guess I went a little crazy over my ISCREAM cone...but it sure was a small one...hey look who has bigger one...our friend Yvette...I bet she could use some help with that...maybe I can help her...

Patience is the key and good mind melding are getting very full... you will give me your cone to finish for you....NOW...

Why of course - I would be happy to lick that spoon for you - I always help Mom with the dishes at home -
Boy did I have a good time at the ISCREAM place...thanks MOM!

Oh yeah, Mom wanted me to mention that that Peony kid is doing just fine...taking over the house...more later...
And a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my cousin Katie Mae her birthday is on Sept 1 too!! Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by!
Sadie Mae



    I remember when i bought by new used truck, an extended cab for the three dogs. My dogs normlly would be wrapped around me in my old reg pick up truck. I was so excited!! I got them all in the back seat of the truck to go get ice creams! Then i looked in the rear veiw mirror and saw three dogs with there ears down like they had done soemthing aweful to end up in the back seat and not up front with Mom. lol

    I loved your pictures!! (smiling big time)

  2. Happy Birthday! That ice cream sure looks yummy!


  3. Thanks for helping me finish my iscream!

  4. ♥HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO WOO♥ That is so cool that you got some ice cream. Our momma says that the little kitty sure is a cutie pie. We are not sayin' that.

  5. Happy birthday to woo. we love our doggie cones that we get at day camp! Hey that little kitten you are fostering is very cute! I have to say you look alot like our sorta step sister BRuin! Over at