Monday, August 24, 2009

Sadie Fosters Kits

Hiya everybody! So here I am back again to let you know what's been going on here in Sadieville...well it has a lot to do with this little runt of a kitten named Peony....she is about #180 in the number of fosters we have taken care of in the last couple of years...mostly kittens and cats cuz when we tried puppies I got bad smelly tummy problems and the V-e-t said no more foster puppies for Sadie!

So we take care of kits back to Peony...

To tell you the truth it all makes me pretty tired...its a lot of work to groom them, lick their bowls and herd them when necessary...I take a lot of naps when we have foster kits...

When Peony first came to us we did not know how sick she was...she had just had her tail amputated she had a prolapsed rectum, and an antibiotic resistant infection that caused us to rush her to the V-e-t hospital where we stayed most of the night while they amputated more tail and did some other stuff...Mom and I hung out in the car , took a long walk, ate Wendy's fries and hoped for the best...this is what Peony looked like when she came home the next day...
In a couple of days she was ready to have some fun so Mom built her a homemade ex pen...with a bed - which she peed on...a lot...

Lots of toys which she loved...

A cool kitty condo to climb on and in...

The ex pen also provided easy access for the permanent residents...this is Gilly (aka the Troublemaker) saying "hey"...and looking for leftovers...can you see Peony in this picture?

Permanent resident Coche is Peony's favorite...he hangs with her a lot ...cats can be very particular and I think sometimes they look for kitties who look like them...

This is Coche and Peony playing hide and seek...I think Peony is counting...can you find Coche?
Here is Peony resting next to my likeness for protection...the ex pen was a fun idea but did not last very long cuz Peony could find her way out no matter what Mom did to build the walls...and I had a heck of a time herding her and helping Mom find her when she would shoot under the furniture...

The great news is that today Peony got her stitches out, her collar came off and she got a pretty clean bill of health from the V-e-t. So she will probably only be with us a few more weeks until she is placed in a no kill shelter for adoption. Thank goodness.

Hey stop back again soon and I will try to make sure Mom is actually telling you about MY adventures! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. This is too adorable!!!! Oh my gosh, that Peony is so incredibly cute. Sorry Sadie -- you're cute, too. And so are Coche and Gilly. :)

    It's so amazing and heart-warming to see how well Peony is doing. I almost wish she could keep her e-collar on because I think that's what makes her look more adorable than she already is. But it sure will be exciting when she's ready to be adopted!

  2. Sadie, you sure are nice to the kitties! I love kitties but sometimes they don't always like me back :(

  3. Our momma is lovin' that little kitten and thinkin' that you's momma is an angel fur takin' care of that baby kitten so good and so tender.

  4. Where's the pic of Buster Brown babysitting the kitten? Now, that would be a money shot! (any pic of the elusive Buster Brown would be a money shot!)

    Sadie thanks for kitten sittin' - we oughta take a walk by the lake front sometime soon.

  5. Sadie, you're so awesome for babysitting that adorable little Peony!
    We're sorry you had stink tums with the puppies, but kittens are fun, too!

  6. Glad Peony recovered -- you are good foster parents!